Friday, September 21, 2012

Here's a Great Podcast that Focuses on "The Dead"

Thanks to Dr. Moreland of The Hockaday School, I recently discovered a wonderful online podcast that investigates one of the more daunting texts of the Dubliners collection, namely "The Dead."  Here's a direct quote from the site:

This audio podcast series showcases James Joyce's short story 'The Dead' from his collection 'Dubliners' and explores themes within the story drawing on scholarly research and connecting it with the archive collections in UCD, the National Library and the National Archives. The project is designed to draw users into further reading and research with both the original text and archival documents. Joyce's Dublin; An exploration of 'The Dead' has been commissioned by the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (IVRLA) at UCD and produced by Athena Media. The series is presented by Barry McGovern.

Here's the link:

Joyce's "The Dead" Podcast

Once again, thank you Dr. Moreland!!!

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