Dubliners Colloquium Schedule - February 6th, 2013

2013 Dubliners Paper Colloquium
Official Schedule of Conference Sessions

Event                                                    Time                               Location

1. Arrival & Registration 8:00am-8:40am                     FAPH Foyer

2. Commencement Ceremony 8:40am-9:05am                               FAPH
Jon Kellam, Headmaster of The Oakridge School, speaks
      The Oakridge Upper School Choir performs
      Jared Colley, Upper School Teacher, provides instructions day's events

3. 1st Block of Presentations              9:15am-10:40am
Session A:  “Failed Quests in Araby and Beyond”                                        FFL
Presenters: Robert Stroup, Southwest Christian School
              Hirsh Elhence, The Greenhill School
              Maya Deshpande, The Hockaday School
Session B: “Cyclical Lives in the Narratives of Joyce’s Dubliners              Boardroom
Presenters: Patrick Gordon, Fort Worth Country Day School
              Nathaniel Plemons, The Oakridge School
              Noah Yonack, St. Mark’s School
Session C: Eveline, Paralysis, & the Challenge to Make a Choice”             FAPH
Presenters: Robert Erickson, Cistercian Preparatory School
              Zacharia Alden, St. Mark’s School
              Landry Levine, The Oakridge School
Session D: “Truth, Isolation, & Social Space in Araby & Other Stories”        US 107
Presenters: Steven Tsai, St. Mark’s School
              Ricky Rodriguez, Fort Worth Country Day School
              Andrew Spomer, The Greenhill School
Session E: “21st Century Readings of James Joyce’s The Dead                    BBT
Presenters: William Chang, St. Mark’s School
               Warren Smith, St. Mark’s School
               Kaitlin Dorey, The Hockaday School
Session F: Creative Writing Workshop                                                             SFL
                   Hosted by Mr. Lucas Jacob of Trinity Valley School
Readers:  Sara Shah, Fort Worth Country Day School
             Caroline Boyd-Rogers, The Oakridge School

4. Break Time & Refreshments               10:45am-11:00am                                FAPH Foyer

5. 2nd Block of Presentations                  11:05am-12:30pm
Session A: “Paralysis in A Little Cloud & Other Stories of Joyce’s Dubliners”       US 107
Presenters: Kelly Gross, Southwest Christian School
               Kelly Carroll, All Saints’ Episcopal School of Fort Worth
               Sarah Harrison, Fort Worth Country Day School
Session B: “21st Readings of James Joyce’s Dubliners                                            FAPH
Presenters: James Rowan, St. Mark’s School
               Samantha Carp, The Greenhill School
               Daniel Clifford, The Oakridge School
Session C:      “Truth, Narrative, & the Masking of the Real in Joyce’s Dubliners”  FFL
Presenters: Zachary Burdette, St. Mark’s School
               Meyer Thalheimer, St. Mark’s School
               Benjamin Fallis, The Oakridge School
Session D: “Understanding Eveline both as Character and Narrative”                        Boardroom
Presenters: Brennan Baker, The Greenhill School
               Lauren Davidson, The Oakridge School
               Maren Miller, The Oakridge School
Session E: “The Intersection of Film & Text: Hockaday Examines The Dead”         US 207
Presenters: Sydney Wilkins, The Hockaday School
               Rebecca Fang, The Hockaday School
               Hannah Crowe, The Hockaday School
Session F: “Literature, Philosophy, and The Dead                                                      BBT
Presenters: Adam Schrock, The Oakridge School
               Kate Hoffman, The Hockaday School
               Maille Radford, The Hockaday School

6. Dr. Holdeman’s Keynote Speech          12:35pm-1:00pm                                      FAPH
Jared Colley, The Oakridge School, introduces the keynote speaker
Dr. David Holdeman, English Chair of University of North Texas delivers speech

7. Lunch is Served                                     1:05pm-1:50pm                                     Courtyard

Day ends thereafter...

BBT - The Black Box Theatre located on the second floor of the Fine Arts building
Boardroom - The Boardroom is located on the second floor of the Upper School building next to the Headmaster's office
FAPH - The Fine Arts Performance Hall
FFL - First Floor Library in the Upper School building
SFL - Second Floor Library in the Upper School building
US 107 - Upper School room 107 located on the first floor
US 207 - Upper School room 207 located on the second floor

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