Thursday, February 7, 2013

To Mr Colley and The Oakridge School: Thank you!!

Speaking for the presenters and participants from The Hockaday School, thank you very much for the many hours of hard work, expansive imagination, and dedication that made yesterday's colloquium such a fine success. As a teacher, I was proud of all of the students who attended: those who presented papers, those who asked provocative questions leading to engaged conversation, and those who respectfully  absorbed the intellectual activity--and friendship--that surrounded us all. And as a teacher I learned a great deal from the scholarship of so many, an energy that makes such conferences exciting intellectual and social occasions The event was, from beginning to end, colloborative (just as you so eloquently described it), providing a model for learning and teaching in the 21st century, a way of sharing ideas inclusively, so that the contribution of each person grew in meaning by its connection to the whole.

We're all looking forward the next event!

                                                              Dr. Deborah Moreland
                                                            Chair, English Department

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  1. Thank you Deborah and The Hockaday School! Everyone here was very impressed by The Hockaday girls (as well as by all visiting students of the various, participating schools). Their academic prowess and their overall politeness was commended by many here at The Oakridge School, so thank you for your contribution to what was undoubtedly a very successful day. And we too look forward to the next event to continue this collaborative engagement among our schools.