Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Benjamin Fallis of The Oakridge School will be Reading His Paper "Interpellation's Limits: Social Space and Narrative Structures in Dubliners" at the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium

The Oakridge School is excited to announce that one of its very own, Benjamin Fallis, will be presenting his paper, “Interpellation’s Limits: Social Space and Narrative Structures in Dubliners” at the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium on February 6th. Way to go Ben!

Benjamin Fallis is a student of The Oakridge School. His interests are most commonly found outside of the classroom; he writes poetry and enjoys reading the Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, as well as Althusserian critical theory as it applies to history and politics. He also spends time reading the American poet Wallace Stevens. Ben served as Poetry Editor for two years for the Oakridge art and literature magazine, Calliope, and he serves on the committee which runs the book fair while also playing on the Oakridge Drumline.

Mr. Fallis will be reading his paper during the second block of presentations in a session entitled “Truth, Narrative, and the Masking of the Real in Joyce’s Dubliners.” The location of the session will be announced soon.

Benjamin Fallis's Colloquium Paper

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