Monday, January 14, 2013

The Oakridge School is pleased to announce that Mr. Lucas Jacob, Dean of Learning and Curriculum, at Trinity Valley School will be hosting the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium’s creative writing workshop.

The Oakridge School is excited to host Mr. Lucas Jacob, Dean of Learning and Curriculum, of Trinity Valley School who will be teaching a creative writing workshop for all students that submitted creative pieces for the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium on February 6th.  We are grateful that he has graciously agreed to contribute to the day’s exciting, academic festivities.

Lucas Jacob has taught creating writing and English in various parts of the United States and abroad for the past 17 years.  His poems and essays have appeared in dozens of journals, including Southwest Review  and Willow Review, and are forthcoming in Evansville Review and DMQ Review.  He is a 2012 semi-finalist for the Normal Mailer Award in short fiction, has two poems shortlisted for the 2012 Fish Publishing Poetry Prize, and is a past winner of the Gival Press Tri-Language Poetry Prize.  He is allergic to cats, but not to James Joyce, whose Dubliners  and Ulysses he studied in college and whose A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Finnegan’s Wake he studied in grad school.

All students interested in creative writing are welcome to attend and observe the workshop. The session itself will focus on the creative material submitted by students for the actual Colloquium.  We look forward to seeing curious, creative students attend the day’s ceremonies, and once again, we want to thank Mr. Lucas Jacob for agreeing to be a part of our event. We’ll see you in February!

Stories being Read at Workshop:
-Caroline Boyd Roger's "Manhood" - The Oakridge School
-Sara Shah's "A Tribute to Joyce" - Fort Worth Country Day School

Other Participants and their Entries:
-Bessie Bronstein's "Out of Your Depth" - The Oakridge School
-Brice Holcomb's "Eveline: The Great Not-Knowing" - St. Mark's School
-James Coman's "The Ending of Araby" - The Oakridge School
-Jazmine Monreal's "Continuation of Eveline" - Fort Worth Country Day School
-Sam Libby's "Gabriel's Snowy Trek" - St. Mark's School
-Taubert Nadalini's "The Deep" - St. Mark's School

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