Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kaitlin Dorey of The Hockaday School will be Reading Her Paper "Gabriel Then, Gabriel Now" at the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium to be Hosted at The Oakridge School

The Oakridge School is excited to host Kaitlin Dorey of The Hockaday School. She will be presenting her paper, “Gabriel Then, Gabriel Now,” at the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium on February 6th.
Kaitlin Dorey is a senior at The Hockaday School, which she has attended for fourteen years. In school, her interests are English and history, but she also enjoys math. Kaitlin participates on her Varsity Swim Team as well as on a club swim team, Elite Swim Program. She doesn’t know where she’s attending school next year, but she’s excited to find out. While in college, she hopes to major in marketing. This is Kaitlin’s first colloquium and she could not be more thrilled to participate.
Ms. Dorey will be reading her paper during the first block of presentations (9:15am-10:40am) in a session entitled “21st Century Readings of The Dead and the Joycean Epiphany.” The location will be announced soon.

Kaitlin Dorey's Colloquium Paper

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